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Load 50 kW output power transistor generator for inductive heating, Ultrapure materials` obtaining and detalis frocessing
    Technical characteristics:
  • Voltage of 3-phase network 380 V
  • Network`s freguecy 50 Hz
  • Output power 50 kW
  • Output power gradend control 5-50 kW
  • Output freguency band 5-50 kHz
  • Automatical output freguency setting in accordance
    with the resonant freguency of a load circouit.
  • Rectangular output voltage (a meander)
  • Output voltage 450 V
  • Output voltages graded control 50-450 V
  • Voltage source with current 1 imiting under overload.
  • Output isolation from the network.
  • Multi-module construction.
  • Two independent channels with independent freguencies
    and output power separate controlling (each 25 kW).
  • A remote output power control.
  • Two special output cables (8 m long) for load connection.
  • Handles for power control on the front panel, the regime key, light indicators of network`s voltage and output short circuitry, arrow devices for output current, voltage and freguency control.
  • Working conditions - inside the building, under normal cl imatic conditions.
  • Cool ing the generator`s parts - forced air with inner fans.
  • Continuous mode of work.
  • Reliability: >= 5,000 h
  • Efficiency coefficient: >= 0,87
  • Dimentions 1,0 m x 0,6 m x 1,55 m
  • Weight 220 kg
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