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Load Application of electrotechnologies for reception of
juices and winematirials

  Application of electrotechnologies for reception of juices and winematirials At use of traditional methods manufactures of juice productions & attempt of Increase maximal juice giving by thermal, ferments etc. kinds of processing & bring to sharp increase expense of energy and decreasing juice quality.
  As a result of alternative thinking the ways were developed Electrical processing fruit-vegetables of raw material allowing considerably to increase juice giving on 8-10 of % for apples, 15-20 % for a red currant, 6-7 % for a grapes.
  Carried out electroprocessing some pressdifficulty kinds of raw material has shown, that out put of juice after electroprocessing is possible to finish for carrots up to 70 %, apricots up to 71 %, merged up to 67 %. Application of electroprocessing by manufacture of tomato juice has raised the output of juice and pulpa also has lowered humidity of expiring on 6 %, thus economy of tomatoes has made 3,5 %. The productivity of process grows on 25-35 of %.
  Besides that, only after electroprocessing received most transparent juice, brighten which becomes possible without preliminary of separation. In juices the contents of dry substances and their food raises the value grows, that is confirmed by special researches. On the basis of biophysical and physic-chemical researches is found out opportunity using of electroprocessing grape alloy for receiving grape juice with the increased contents ┴ntocians. At the conditions realization of technological processes are improved: after electroprocessing alloy activity o - difanoloksidasy and ┴scorbin-acid Is reduced the average on 30 %; for grades of a grapes described high viscosity susla, speed of brightly at upholding is increased in 10 times. Enrichment of grape juice with ┴ntocians in quantity not less than 200 mg/dm3 not only raises food value of it, but also is the essential factor of amplification of biological resistance of juice kept at low temperature. So, in juice from electricalelaboration alloy of a grapes Cabarne-Sovinion by the end of the first month of a storage at temperature 1-2 degree C, the number of yeasty crates was less in 8 time, and contents of alcohol -less in 6 times, than in juice from raw alloy.
  Important feature of electrotechnologies is the exclusive simplicity of their introduction in existing lines of manufactures which are not requiring principal changes of the technological and hardware circuits.
  Ways of electroprocessings distinguished intensification technological cycle, simplicity of hardware registration, increase of quality of ready product and its stability(resistance), low expenditure of energy (at a level 1-10 kW-h/ton of raw material) are extremely perspective methods of increase production efficiency in juice technologies and winemaking.

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