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Load Producing machining attachments
Commercial offer: we are ready to produce machining attachments just now, exactly:
  • dies
  • moulds
  • contrivances
  • cutting and measuring tools.

In connection with this offer we introduce:
Company Profile
Characteristic of the production.

Tool shop is organized in accordance with the complete cycle of the manufacturing of the machining attachments of all types small and medium dimensions (dies, moulds, contrivances, cutting and measuring tools).

    The dimensions of machining attachments:
  • dies: max dimensions 800x1000x600 mm
  • moulds: max dimensions 600x800x500 mm.
The manufacturing of complex precise dies and moulds is based on the modern technology of their production. Technology is found on application personal computers.

Tool shop is located in separate bulk, which is provided with all necessary production and auxiliary rooms. The total area of production rooms - 4500 sq. m, of auxiliary rooms (storehouses, administrative rooms) - 1000 sq. m

    The composition of manufacturing in accordance with departments and sections:
  1. Metalcenter.
  2. Feedstock
  3. Blank production department (with plasma arc cutting installation and 6 units of equipment).
  4. Machining section:- lathes 16, millers 18
  5. Coordinate boring machine department (5 units of equipment).
  6. Grinding line (types of grinding: internal grinding, cylindrical grinding, surface grinding etc., runout accuracy is 0,01 mm), 22 units of equipment.
  7. Electric-spark machine department (10 units of equipment).
  8. Tool maintenance store.
  9. Fitting shop (dies and moulds assembly), 6 units of equipment.
  10. Toolmaking department (cutting tools, auxiliary attachments), 4 units of equipment.
  11. Hardening plant (14 units of equipment).
  12. Galvanizing-bath room (chroming, oxidation).
  13. Testing department.
  14. Checking department.
  15. Mechanical-repair department.
  16. Toolmaking department (racks, carriers).
  17. Welding department (manual welding, argon-arc welding, spot welding).
  18. Technological bureau.
Attained production volume of machining attachments:
1998 200 dies, 95 moulds.
The estimate output of tool shop (per year):
500 dies and 250 moulds.
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