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BIOTESTER is designed for medicamental testing by the method of R. Voll (EAV - Electroacupuncture According to Voll) and objective examination of the energetic condition of the body's systems (depressive, normal or excited).
  It can be used for selection of remedies in medical practice, in nontraditional medicine and in areas, which require selection of food supplements, cosmetics and so on for individual people.
  It has small size (slightly bigger, than cigaret's box) and light in weight. It is safe and easy in using.

  • energetic condition of the body's systems,
  • the presence or absence of allergical and bioenergetic influence on individuals by vegetable and animal food-staffs, food supplements, solvents, jewelry adornments, precious metals, etc,
  • the bioenergetic compatibility with human body of dental materials and cosmetics,
  • the bionergetic compatibility of people,
  • the compatibility of any medicament with the individuals - allopathic and homeopathic remedies, preparations of herbs, etc, and what's more:
  • the remedies would not be put in the body,
  • the medicaments may be in any form - pills, powder, ointment, solution,
  • it can determin the influence on the body of a set of medicaments,
  • it can determin optimal dosage of remedies and potency of homeopathic preparations for particular patient.

The energetic condition of body's organs and systems and their reaction on medicaments and other substances are determined by measuring with Biotester so called electrical conductivity in corresponding acupuncture's points. The examination is done in 6 CMP ( check-measuring points, which give the general idea about the functioning of organs related to them), whitch are on the fingers, by using of two special electrodes - measuring and supporting.

  • the work of the biotester during the 12 months since the day of the sale. without refusals for twelve months from date of selling,
  • postguarantee's servise: repairy work, prophylactic and modernizing.
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