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Load Alexander KOROL
Education: Kiev politechnical institute, specialty "an Automation and telemechanics"

Two patent certificates, 10 printed works.

Professional Employment:
1997 - present Joint Venture "BigBoard Ltd." Manager of information systems;
systems analysis, elaboration and exploitation by the networking information systems and Databases;
1996 - 1997 Center innovation and international cooperation of National space agency of Ukraine, Chief of a research department
- Systems analysis and elaboration Uniform satellite system of transfer of an information for needs of state organs of management of Ukraine.
1994 - 1996 Finance-industrial company " Hispatrast -K ", Chief of an information and analytical department
- developed and exploitation the network information system
1992 - 1994 State Patent Office of Ukraine, The head of department of automation
- Systems analysis and elaboration the project of an automated system of a patent and trademarks expert examination
1989 - 1992
Ukrainian representation of joint venture " Autoluxe International ", Technical director; General director of representation.
1987 - 1989 Ukrainian representation of joint venture "Interquadro", the Higher scientific employee, and then Technical director of Ukrainian representation
1980 - 1987 Design Office of instrument making of Minlesprom USSR, Head a sector of a department of software engineering
- developed the control systems for paper industry, for machine for tests of materials for a rupture etc., information systems for needs of branch.
1975 - 1980 State test centre of Ukraine, Higher scientific employee of a department of a control and information systems by tests and researches
- developed and are introduced: a system of a research the motor - compressor, control system of tests is exemplar of materials in a working sheet of the nuclear reactor, control system of researches of mechanical performances of washing machines etc.
1969 - 1975 Adjusted trust "Ukrspecavtomatika", engineer - adjuster
- adjustment of control systems of technological processes and large research experiments
1965 - 1969 Kyiv Tram/Troolybus Office, Department of Power
adjuster of an automation and telemechanics
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