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Load The medicamental selector "Alfa-02"

  The medicamental selector "Alfa-02" is designed for electropunctural diagnostics by the method of dr. R.Voll with the support of the leading experts of National Medical University and Kiev Medical Academy. According to information of WHO this method receives the wide recognition and is successfully used in 34 countries of the world, as well as in Ukraine and Russia (was recommended for using in medical practice by the Ministry of the Health Protection of USSR in decree N211 from 6.06.89). "For the deserts to suffering humanity and the elaboration of the electroacupuncture diagnostics and therapy method..." dr. R. Voll was rewarded by gold medal of Vatican and by medal of Gufaland.

    Selector permits to determine:
  • The condition of organs of the digestion, respiration, movement, circulation of the blood, secretion of urine; nervous, limphatic, endocrinic systems; liver and spleen - without using of X-ray, laboratories tests, ultrasound's examinations and other traditional methods - right up to revealing of ethiological factors of the illness even in early stages.
  • The acute conditions, where the surgical intervention is required, as sharpening of the appendicitis, sharpening of the chronic adnecsitis, sharpening of the chronic colitis, etc; the serious intestinal illnesses: dysentery, hepatitis, salmonelesis, etc.
    Selector permits to reveal:
  • The presence in the body of the radio-active elements, nitric fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, salts of heavy metals and other kinds of industrial and ecological toxins.
  • Hidden and latent sources of infection and their influence on the body's reaction.
  • The availability or absence of the allergical or bioenergetic influence on the patient of some kinds of vegetable and animal foods-stuffs, food supplements, solvents, jewelry adornments, precious metals, etc.
  • The bioenergetic compatibility with the human body of dental materials and cosmetics.
  • The compatibility with the body any medicament - allopathic and homeopathic remedies, analgetics, preparations of herbs, etc. (so named medicamental testing), and what's more:
  • the remedies would not put in the body,
  • the medicaments may be in any form - pills, powder, ointment, solution,
  • it can be determined optimal dosage of the remedy (or the set of remedies) and potency of homeopathic preparations for particular patient,
Selector in base configuration contain about 2000 bioenergetic analogies of various preparations - preparations of body's organs and herbs, etiological, allopathic, homeopathic, neoplastic, pathomorphologic preparations, preparations of firms "Vecroma" and "Heel", of allergens, microelements, secretions, radio-active elements, dental materials, ecological toxins.
    Selector allows exert:
  • Therapy influence on the acupuncture points of the patient by the bioenergetic analogies of preparations and reproduce their properties and properties of any remedy on some substances - distilled water, wax and milk sugar. After the reproduction substances becomes biologically active and can be taken inside by certain scheme or used as application on certain acupuncture points for therapy (so named treatment without medicaments.
  • Verifying the efficiency of the therapy.
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